GrowEasy provides everything you need to start producing your own food right at home. We've got you covered, whether your starting from scratch or just trying to get more from the space you have. We want you to be succesful and we think it should look good and feel good while your doing it.    



We visit your site and provide personalised advice on the best designs to suit your space and lifestyle. We want to maximise the outcomes for you, your family and your friends.


We want you to have fun growing food. while you enjoy the benefits of healthy eating and a more sustainable, educational and efficient living space. 


We're here to get started and guide you through the myriad of information, DIY kits and pitfalls.  











The hardest part of growing your own food is the establishment phase, so we provide everything you need to get started. 


We believe your growing area should an asset to your home and we can create a feature that looks good, while enhancing your living space. 


Naturally you are free to choose your own suppliers, but we can provide convenient access to a range of building materials, our wicking bed planter boxes and our specially designed soil mix.


If you want to get started even sooner, we are available for custom and ready to go installs. 




Our goal is to provide you with growing systems which are easy to use and low maintenance, but of course we are always here to help, if your lifestyle gets in the way.  

Our support services include timely updates on planting, harvesting and maintnenace advice.


At appropriate seasonal times we can supply seedlings and plants, or juvenile fish and layer chickens.


If honey is part of your system we can provide beekeeping services and maintenance.  



Wicking beds are basically a raised garden bed that incorporates a self-watering reservoir, below a soil layer. With the right soil and built properly, they are highly productive and very water efficient, making them perfect for most food gardens.  We produce a great range of  wicking bed planter boxes and supply a specially blended soil mix designed for wicking beds. We are also able to custom build on-site to suit your requirements.  


Wicking bed, early construction
Wicking bed, mid-construction
Wicking bed, completed